Important changes to lease expiry date

On the tenant details screen, a new Lease Expiry Date field has been added.

Previously people would use the End Date to represent both the end of the current lease term, and the end of the tenancy.  We now have 2 dates to represent those 2 milestones.

The End Date has been renamed Tenancy End Date, and is used solely to represent the date the tenant intends to move out of the property.  If the tenancy end date is not yet known, it can be left blank.

The new Lease Expiry Date is the date that has been negotiated between the landlord and the tenant as the end of their current fixed term tenancy.  If the tenancy is not for a fixed term, the lease expiry date can be left blank.

When a fixed term tenancy is coming to an end the landlord and tenant will discuss an extension.  If an extension is agreed upon, then the Lease Expiry Date should be adjusted to represent the newly extended expiry date.  If the tenant chooses not to extend, then the Tenancy End Date should be set to represent the date the tenant has agreed to vacate the property.

The Lease Expiry Date has also been added as a printable field in Mail Merge.

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