New Android app now has inspections, with additional features

The recently released new Android app now has the ability to do inspections as well. Not only that, but a few new features have been added to inspections in general.

When you use a camera in RentHQ to take an inspection photo, RentHQ will automatically put a time stamp on the photo in the lower left corner. Also when entering inspection results against a specific room, a new option ‘Take photo of this room’ is now present. If you use this link to take a photo, RentHQ will also stamp the photo with the name of the room as well as the time stamp. This applies to the Silverlight browser version of RentHQ, the Windows 10 app version of RentHQ, the mobile web page version as well as the new Android app.

The inspections in the Android app looks very similar to the existing RentHQ software. It also takes advantage of the recently added Inspection Comments. Photo uploading should in most cases be a lot faster than the old mobile web page used for inspections.


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