New Feature – Integration is an online accounting software system.  Xero has the ability to automatically import transactions from your bank.

RentHQ now has the ability to extract transactions out of Xero.  This means any bank statement transactions created in Xero, can be imported directly into RentHQ.


How it is done…

  • Open up the existing Bank Statement Import function in RentHQ.
  • Instead of importing a file, you can choose to import from Xero.  
  • Next you will need to give authorisation for RentHQ to access your Xero transactions.  This is done by entering your Xero Login and Password into the Xero web site, and getting an authorisation code which you then enter into RentHQ.  This gives RentHQ 30 minutes of access before your authorisation runs out.  This is more than enough time to import the transactions.
  • Next you will need to select which Xero bank account you want to import the transactions from.  If you have more than 1, you will need to do them separately.
  • After that, the import process is exactly the same as if you had imported a bank statement file.  You get to use import rules etc as well.
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