Issue with blank report screens

Over the last week or so a number of customers have had an issue when printing reports.  What they are seeing is a blank grey screen where the report output should be.

The issue seems to be an issue with Adobe Acrobat in Internet Explorer 11.  Adobe say they are looking into it and should have a fix shortly.  If you read the following web page, you will see a lot of other people are having the same issue with different software products.  A staff comment on October 28 suggests they have a fix, and will be sending it out shortly.

As a temporary workaround, when the blank screen opens, copy the web page URL and past it into a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox or Safari or the Edge browser.

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New Update – Add Multiple Attachments

The ability to add attachments has been enhanced.  Now you can add multiple files at the same time.  This applies to everywhere where attachments can be applied – tenants, owners, work orders and inspections.  So now you can add all those inspection photos at once.

To add multiple files you press the Add button on the attachment screen as per normal.  However when you choose which file to attach, you use the standard windows functionality of holding down the shift or controls keys while clicking the files to include.  Once selected, the RentHQ screen will go through each file one at a time allowing you to enter an attachment description and confirming the upload.

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GST or VAT reporting changes

More work has been done around printing the GST or VAT reports for property managers.

If you go to Functions/Setup/Income Groups or Functions/Setup/Expense Groups you can now choose to exclude specific groups from GST reporting.

The GST reporting is intended for printing the GST obligation of the property manager.  However commercial property managers often receive rent inclusive of GST.  That GST amount however is not normally paid by the property manager, but is paid by the property owner.  Therefore for GST reporting purposes, it would be necessary to exclude Rent from the GST report.  The same could also apply to other income or expense groups.  Generally the only income the property manager has which incurs GST is the management fee.

The existing report called Tax Summary has been modified to exclude income or expense groups which are specified as excluded from GST reporting.

A new report has also been created called New Zealand GST Calculation.  This is intended for New Zealand customers only.  It will print a report in a similar format to the New Zealand GST return, and could be used as a basis for completing your return.

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New Feature – Close Off Date

In RentHQ we have added a new close off date.

The close off date is any date which you can set by going to the Functions/Setup/Options screen.  (It defaults to 1/1/2000).

Once the close-off date is set, this effectively locks any transactions prior to this date.  This means you will not be able to edit or delete any transaction with a date prior to the close off date.  You will also not be able to create a new transaction with a date prior to the close off date (except for transaction imports).  Not only does this apply to transactions in the cashbook, but the same also applies to extra charges, extra fees and disbursements as well.

The primary intention of this feature is for people who know they have finished their transactions and want to make sure someone does not accidentally change or delete any of them.  If you really did need to change one of those transaction, you can change the close off date, and then change it back again after your modifications are complete.

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New Feature – TXT/SMS messages handling

RentHQ has the ability to send SMS/TXT messages.  (In some countries they are called SMS messages, and in other countries they are called TXT messages.  They are all the same thing.)

However with a recent change, new customer using this feature will get updated functionality.  When the message is sent, a note is recorded against the tenant or owner or contractor the message is sent to for your records.  The difference now is if the recipient replies to that message, the reply is sent back into RentHQ again, where we now also record the reply as a new note against the same tenant or owner or contractor.  The reply is not sent as a TXT message back to your phone.  Instead we will send you an email containing both the original message you sent, as well as their reply.

This new functionality helps to create a better audit trail as we record both the sent and received messages as notes in the software.

As a result of these changes, you no longer need to register your mobile number in the software.  When the recipient receives the message, your mobile number will no longer be shown as the reply number.  Instead the reply number will be a small 4 digit number.


Note that as before, there are small charges for each message you send.  Changes vary from one country to the next.  In NZ the price is about $0.10 per message.  In Australia it is about $0.08, and in the US it is about $0.02

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New Feature for Windows 10 – File Associations

For people that download statement import files in .OFX or .QIF file format, life just got a bit easier.

After downloading the file, you can now just double-click the file, and RentHQ will open automatically and will take you straight to the statement import screen with the file pre-loaded (after logging in if required).

This is similar to double-clicking a .PDF file and it opens Adobe Reader, or double clicking a .DOC file and it opens Word.

Note that this only applies to the Windows 10 app version of the software.


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New Feature – Print Tenant Applications

For a while now tenants have been able to apply for one of your rental properties online.  After they apply, their details are available in RentHQ under the Prospects menu option.

You are now able to print these tenant applications including the answers the prospective tenant filled out when online.  This can be useful if you want the selected tenant to sign a copy of the document along with their questions and answers.

To print an application, go to the Tenants/Prospects menu option, open one of the applications, and press the Print button.

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Try the new RentHQ Windows 10 App

The all new RentHQ Windows 10 app is now available!

This means for anyone running Windows 10, you can run RentHQ without using your browser, and without using Silverlight.  Your data is still stored in the same place, and most things still look and behave the same as always.

The main difference between the browser based Silverlight version, and the new Windows 10 version are as follows.

  • The mail merge facility looks a bit different.  The format of your letters may also be slightly different.
  • Sending emails via Outlook may behave differently, asking you which application you want to use to send emails.
  • Taking photos via the web cam on the PC will also look different.

The differences you see will be mainly cosmetic.  The basic behavior is all still the same.

For those people who don’t have Windows 10, and even those who do, you can continue to use the browser based version.  You can also switch backwards and forwards between the different versions.  For now and in the foreseeable future both versions will continue to be maintained and where possible will get the same enhancements.

To install the Windows 10 version

  1. Open the Windows start menu and type Store<enter> to open the Windows store.
  2. Enter RentHQ into the search box  at the top of the store window.
  3. Choose to install the App.  There is no additional cost to install this app.  This is included in your normal RentHQ subscription.

Let me know what you think.  It is very new, so let me know if you find any issues.

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Printing Inspection Images from Dropbox

When printing inspection results, people who have used Dropbox for storing their files did not get the photos printed on the inspection results.

This has been changed.  Photos stored in Dropbox will now be included in the inspection reports again.  Now however that it will take a bit longer to generate these reports as the images have to be obtained from Dropbox again.  A normal report might be completed in 1-2 seconds, however a Dropbox report might take 5-20 seconds, depending on how many photos have been taken.

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Shorter Online Application Url’s

A recently added feature is the ability to take online tenant applications.

However some web sites like TradeMe don’t like long web site URL’s like the ones some customers have with RentHQ.  This made it difficult to list the online tenant application URL on that web site.  So now the web site URL’s for online tenant applications are shorter.

The old longer URL’s will continue to work.  So if you have already got long URL’s listed on some web sites then you wont have to change those.  But in future, when you generate a new URL’s, they will be generated in the new shorter format.

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