Scan documents directly into RentHQ

You can now use your scanner to scan documents directly into RentHQ and add them as attachments to tenants or owners or properties or property inspections.

Note – This only applies to the Windows 10 app version of RentHQ.  The browser version does not have access to your scanner.  This also may not work with older scanners.

To scan documents directly into RentHQ…

  1. Go to the Attachments tab on the tenant, owner, property or inspections screens and press the new Scanner button.
  2. Choose your scanner preferences using the selection of dropdown boxes.
  3. Next just press the Scan button.  This will scan the document(s) that are sitting in the scanner.
  4. You will be provided with a Preview link to view the file you have just scanned.
  5. If you are happy with the preview, just Save it.  This will upload the scanned file to RentHQ and save it as an attachment.
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