Send reports via email – including inspection results

RentHQ now has the ability to send any report via email as an attachment to any email recipient.

After a report PDF file has been generated, you can choose the new email icon next to that report to email it.  You can select from a list of existing email addresses for managers, owners, tenants and contractors, or you can manually type an email address in.

For owners, tenants and contractors, email addresses will only be provided for the primary contacts who have an email address entered.

You also get to enter the email subject and an optional email message body.

For some reports which are likely to go to specific people, such as property inspection results, the list of available email addresses will be pre-filtered to just those people.  In the case of an inspection, the recipient is most likely going to be the tenant who has just been inspected, and the owner of that property.  The same applies to extra charge invoices, and work orders printed with the contractor in mind.

A quick training video has been added here

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